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You may submit content such as text files and images (photos) for publication on web
pages on this site.  Contributions of original content are always welcome.  Content that
already exists on the internet on other sites will not be published on this site as it is not
original content.  An exception can be made for content uploaded to the knowledge base
that can only be viewed by logged in members, such as equipment manuals.
  Individual file size cannot exceed 20 Mb.  You can decrease the size of a file by
compressing it into a zip file.  You can reduce the size of an image using simple
software like Microsoft Paint.
  We accept text files (.txt), word documents (.doc and .docx), images (.gif, .png, .jpg
and .jpeg), .pdf and .zip files.
  All uploads become the property of the West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group.
  Use this link instead if you wish to upload pictures for a recent event.
Use this link instead if you wish to upload an article for our knowledge base.
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